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Former CEO of Saab automobile, Jan-Ake Jonsson arrested for serious economic offenses or various financial improprieties

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The former boss of Saab automobile, Jan-Ake Jonsson and his former chief Financial Officer, Karl G. Lindstrom are now confirmed to have been the ones arrested as we reported yesterday.

The other  personality arrested is the former legal personal to Saab, Kristina Geers. They are all suspected of serious evasion of taxes for the period 2010 and 2011. Both Geers and Lindstrom denies the offense.

According to radio Sweden, both Jan-Ake Jonsson, and Charles G Lindström have now requested public defence. Chief prosecutor Olof Sahlgren writes the following about Jonsson.

Jan-Ake Jonsson

Kristina Geers

Image from Swedish Television /Radio Sweden

"Jonsson, whom during the afternoon is to undergo a new hearing, is, in my view, in need of public defender and he appears to have accepted the court orders."
Jan-Ake Jonsson was CEO of Saab Automobile for six years until May 2011 when he left his post. Victor Muller took over as CEO. Muller is not one of them requested, accused, or suspected of any crime.

Together with the legal expert, Kristina Geers, Jan-Ake Jonsson have been arrested on probable cause suspected of serious evasion of taxes which is a very serious offence.
Karl-Gustav Lindstrom who was CFO of Saab Automobile now has a public defender according to reports.

He denies criminal offense, otherwise he will not be making any comments, according to his attorney Bo Ahlenius of the law firm Glimstedt in Lund.
Jan-Ake Jonsson's lawyer, Helena Wising from the law firm Bernling, Boberg and Cedar in Vanersborg could not say anything about Jonsson's setting.
"I have not been in contact with him or investigator yet. I will devote myself this morning to that" she said radio Sweden.
Notification of the alleged crime came in May last year from the Swedish Tax authority. The three top names in Saab's former management were taken in for questioning on Monday morning.
During 2011, Saab had problems on several occasions to pay salaries to its workers and the company was late in paying taxes to the Tax Authority. The company was at this stage on its way going down.
It was however very important as not to speculate on any verdict and possible punishment at this moment.
By Scancomark.com Team

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