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Explosion of restaurants in Sweden

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
There are more restaurants in Sweden today than 10 years ago as the number of restaurants has increased by about 25 percent.

Since 2003, the number of restaurants in Sweden increased from about 15 000 to about 20, 000 and it is not very clear the drive of this growth.

It is true that the Swedes love the out doors and out door eating especially during the summer periods, but how has  this tendency changed for the past 10 years period leading to the explosion of restaurants remain a challenging to understand.Restaurant explosion in Sweden

The Swedish Tax authority has no exact figures of how many restaurants are operating in Sweden, as many companies may include food service in their operation but registered as something else, such as hotels. But still, Sweden's restaurant population has become denser and the question some people are asking is whether it has to do with tax holidays and VAT adjustment given to the sector by the government recently.

The challenge get more confusing because over the past decade, restaurant industry sales on the whole increased by 50 percent, and sales last year for the first time was over Skr100 billion. But even as the sales increased significantly, the sector is one which has some of the smallest margin, according to analysts of the sector.

The organization that represent the sector, Visita believe the increase is due to the fact that Sweden has simply become a bit more continental and defused restaurant visits to other reasons.

In the past it was mostly associated with celebrations, but today it is now more of a relaxed, everyday elements.
by Scancomark.com Team

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