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Expected falls in investments in Swedish industrial sector

Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Swedish industrial sector plans to decrease their investments as signs show a growing planned fall in volumes of expected planned investments such as in buildings and equipments. In 2013, some Skr53.7 billion in current prices stand at to be at stake in.

According to the latest investment survey carried out by the Swedish statistic organisation, Statistic Sweden, investments in Swedish industry will amount to Skr53.7 billion and the investment volume will decrease by 10 percent.

The volume changes vary among the industrial sectors, but a decrease can be discerned in a majority of them. The most investment intensive industry, the mining industry, will decrease its volumes by 10 percent and investments will amount to 11.1 billion. The electronic products and electrical equipment industry is expected to decrease its investment volumes by 22 percent and investments will amount to 6.5 billion. Volume decreases of the same size are found in the food product industry.

The largest volume increase is expected in the transport equipment industry, which is expected to increase its investment volumes by 11 percent. The investment will amount to 7.9 billion. A slight increase is expected in the industry for paper and paper products and in the chemical industry. Their investments will amount to 6.5 and 6.1 billion respectively.

Not only are the different industrial establishments expected to decrease their investments. Real estate companies are expected to decrease their volumes by 6 percent and the companies plan to invest 66.7 billion. In 2012, the companies increased their investment by 18 percent and invested 71.4 billion.
Enterprises involved with electricity, hot water, sewage plants and water works plan to invest 41.4 billion. The investment volume is expected to increase by a few percent. Enterprises involved with electricity and hot water plants plan to invest 36.3 billion while enterprises involved with sewage plants and water works plan to invest 5.1 billion.
Scancomark.com Team - News Source: Staitsic Sweden.

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