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Demonstrations against Ikea after various unethical revelations about the company’s dealings

Saturday, 28 April 2012
Today, natural activists gathered for demonstrations outside the eight Ikea stores in Sweden to protest against the furniture giant's destruction of ancient forests.

Reports hold that the Ikea store in Malmo saw a scene where one of the protests took place.
“Suddenly, they started a chainsaw sounds and three-four people fell down right on the ground as "a sawn cut tree." Then they stood up and unfurled a banner that said "Our furniture is made of virgin forest. Low price at any price," it said.

Demonstrations were also planned in Sundsvall, Gävle, Uppsala, Stockholm, Linköping, Örebro, Karlstad and Malmoe.

Ikea maintains that sustainability is an important issue for the company and that they do not offer cheap goods "at any price", that is by compromising durability. Protesters argue that Ikea is acting contrary: "Low prices for any price."

Swedish television decided to pick up fights with Swedish companies and Ikea is one of those which have seen the channel exposing lots of dirt about its activities. Last Wednesday, the channel revealed that the furniture giant contributes to the destruction of Karelia unique primeval forests in search of wood.

Some of the finest pine forests up here are being chopped up by Ikea. And it's also environments that have been untouched in principle since the Ice Age that is being harvested, according to Viktor Säfve from the organization that went to protest.

Ikea dismisses the criticism and Anders Hildeman, forest manager at Ikea, says the company takes great responsibility for environment and sustainable forestry.

“Felling must not damage the high conservation values. We have the most complete control of our suppliers,” says Anders Hildeman.
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