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Agrokultura reports on winter crops harvest - point to positive fundamentals

Thursday, 29 August 2013
Agrokultura AB announces that it has almost completed the harvest of the winter planted crops for 2013 and the yields are up across the board compared to last year, with in particular notable improvements in the winter rape in Ukraine and the winter wheat in central Russia.

The total winter crops harvest encompasses 59,300 hectares, which equals about 46 percent of the total planted area for harvest in 2013. The detailed data for the harvest of the winter planted crops can be found in the table below.

The highlights are:

  • Significant improvements in yields overall, as a consequence of favourable weather across the areas of operation as well as improvements in execution.
  • Ukraine winter rape yield increased with over thirty per cent compared to 2012. This is to a large extent due to improvements in planting following last year’s acquisition in Ukraine.
  • Winter wheat yield per hectare in Russia Central Black Soil region increased by close to fifty percent due to mostly favourable growing conditions as well as investments and advances in production technology.
  • The quality of the harvested crops is on normal levels, but rains in Russia CBS in early August halted the harvest for ten days and will have some effect on the protein content of the grains in that region.

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